The complicated and fast-paced environment of today's real estate market requires experienced legal counsel.  To remain competative and to achieve successful results, our Clients must be prepared to effectively steer their way through a complicated maze of perplexing challenges.  Experience, creativity, versatility and informed decision-making are primary keys to success.  Highly qualified and experienced legal counsel with good business sense can greatly assist in making the right choices. 

At Pinnacle Real Estate Law Group, we understand the intricacies of real estate projects and transactions, not just the law that applies to them, and we provide counsel to our Clients in an effort to guide each project or transaction through to successful completion.  We have decades of experience working with leading developers and governmental entities to achieve the results our Clients desire.  We have the experience to assist our Clients through all phases of a project, from acquisition and due diligence, governmental entitlements, financing, permitting, construction and ultimately project operations or divestiture. 

Firm Overview and Philosophy

Pinnacle Real Estate Law Group offers Clients an integrated approach to legal representation, providing exceptional legal services in a team environment.  We are at the forefront of understanding the significant changes taking place in the real estate industry, and have the ability to address the needs and goals of our Clients by identifying current objectives and opportunities, determining innovative strategies, and then assisting our Clients in executing these strategies successfully. Each of our attorneys  takes pride in teamwork that puts Clients first and strives to maximize value in each project or transaction.

The firm philosophy of representing Clients in accordance with the highest standards of the legal profession has served our Clients well.  The quality of work, level of performance, timeliness, attention to detail and work ethic are unparalleled.  Moreover, we offer this level of service to all of our Clients, regardless of the relative magnitude of the project or transaction.  Our dedication to Clients is rewarded with long-term relationships that are very meaningful to the firm.